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India tops the world with highest number of diabetics(72 million)and in chennai about 13.5% of people are already suffering from diabetes perse and more so with complications due to uncontrolled diabetes.It poses significant healthcare burden on both the family and the society. Worryingly, diabetes is now occurring at a relatively younger age within the country against the contrary belief that it is a disease of the elderly.

Obesity , sedentary life style , eating habits along with genetic factors influence the onset of the disease in the young people. So its necessary to screen for diabetes at the earliest and avoid complications.

At RIGHT Hospitals, we have a state of art facility to deal with diabetes and its various complications. We empower our patients with knowledge about diabetes and how to prevent from complications . We offer a comprehensive care for control of blood sugars including life style changes, diet advice , physiotherapy and exercises to address obesity issues. Personalized care is given to each and every patient. Not just diabetes but we ensure a complete care of the patient including other problems like hypertension, thyroid, asthma and cardiac problems which is of utmost importance. Full time highly dedicated team of doctors, physiotherapists and nurses are here with us to take care of the patient needs. Here we also screen for vascular complications, neuropathy changes , eye complications, kidney problems etc..



The department of Nephrology and Urology at RIGHT hospitals provide care in all aspects of the department including kidney biopsies , critical care , dialysis , A-V fistula , Hemodialysis and Renal transplant.


Kidneys normally remove the wastes substance from the body. If these are damaged due to any reason like diabetes or hypertension or any other cause , it is necessary that the wastes accumulated within the body are removed at regular intervals . This is done by using hemodialysis techniques. Dialysis centre at RIGHT hospital has 12 dialysis machines with separate machines for patients with viral hepatitis. Here personalized care is provided by dialysis technicians , physicians and nephrologist for better outcomes and improved quality of life for the patient.


Transplant is the one final solution for patients suffering from chronic kidney disease and to alleviate their sufferings from the long hours of dialysis. After a thorough evaluation of the donor and the recipient and after informed consent and a detailed counselling session for both donor and recipient, the transplant procedure is done by experts in the field of transplant.

At RIGHT hospitals, a dedicated team of urologist and nephrologists work in tandem for a successful transplant procedure and post transplant care at affordable costs.A strict infection control and immunosuppresive protocols in the postoperative period ensures successful outcomes We also perform minimally invasive surgery for renal donors, thereby minimising post-operative recovery time and hospitalisation.

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