DIABETIC FOOT CARE & Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


  • A spectrum of disorder from mild neuropathy changes like numbness , burning sensation , pricking sensation to total loss of sensation along with decreased blood supply of the foot which predisposes the patient to develop ulcers over the sole of the foot .Diabetic foot complications include painful neuropathy, ulcers, weakened joints with loss of sensation (charcots foot) and gangrene which leads to amputation.

    • Keep your blood sugars under strict control

    • Bi- Annual foot review : Our trained and competent personnel will examine patients feet to detect risk factors for ulceration. Foot examination include: Assessing the blood flow to the limbs , testing foot sensations using 10g monofilament or vibration; inspection for significant callus or defects in the nails; checking for signs of ulceration;

    • We provide you with ideal therapeutic footwear . This lowers the chances of developing an ulcer.

  • RIGHT Hopsitals has a dedicated team of physician , plastic surgeons and physiotherapists to provide the best care possible. Consult as the earliest signs of ulcer develop ,be it a mild redness or pain or swelling of the affected leg. Though it might look like a small superficial ulcer, the depth of the ulcer cannot be really assesed and delaying treatment is detrimental.
  • Absolutely, RIGHT Hospitals is equipped with latest techniques in the field like Vacuum Assisted Therapy(VAC) and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) which might help even highly infected ulcers and those due to decreased blood supply , to heal without the need for a major surgery.

  • Many patients who had been advised amputation ( severing the affected part) has been successfully treated by conservative limb saving surgeries. Amputation is the last resort reserved for those who need it as a life saving procedure.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is breathing 100% oxygen under increased atmospheric pressure. During this therapy there is improved perfusion to the wound site, increased oxygen delivery and hence the wound heals better. We have successfully treated many patients with non healing ulcers , major burns, diabetic ulcers, and those who have compromised blood supply to the limbs and they have been benefitted from this therapy without the need for any major surgery.

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